Bosch Black Coil


We offer genuine NOS, as well as restored Bosch coils from our own workshop. These measure the proper resistance in ohms as well as for spark. Each coil is disassembled and then tested in our own VW. You will not get an engine, particularly one rebuilt to correct specifications, to run any better than with original German parts.

We can also restore your own unit (both 6V & 12V) or offer a core exchange store credit. Please contact us for more details.

6V Bosch Black Coils fit VWs from 1941 - 1966.
12V Bosch Black Coils fit VWs from 1967 - 1979.
NOS Bosch box style may vary, depending on stock.

Our restored Bosch Coil Bracket is sold separately (unless NOS, then it's included with box).
We also offer genuine Bosch Blue Coils.