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Window Scraper Replacement

Window Scraper Replacement

I’m going to start off by being 100% honest: rebuilding your doors isn’t easy.

"The experience is best described by words not suitable for polite company.”

However,  you can do it!

Rest assured, this is a task you can handle. The biggest part of it all is taking your time. Deep breaths, and take each part step-by-step. I also recommend picking up a set of plastic stack-on organizer bins, as inside door components are small and can be easily lost.

In my opinion, good progress is about 6 hours per door. This includes breaking everything down, checking the regulators, re-greasing parts, installing inner and outer scrapers, and slowly getting everything back to its former German glory.

Vintage Volkswagen Window Scraper Replacement

Parts You Will Need

Before you jump into the task, you’re going to need the correct parts. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to complete the job. This is assuming your door regulators, window winder, vent windows and lift channels are in working order. I did have to replace my left lift channel because it was rusted out.

  • 111837361: Felt Channel Clip. Secures felt channel to door. 10 required.
  • 111837565A: Lift Channel Weatherstrip. 2 required.
  • 111837439D: Felt Channel Large. 2 required.
  • 113853321DGR: Left Outside Scraper. Includes rubber and aluminum trim. 1 required.
  • 113853322DGR: Right Outside Scraper. Includes rubber and aluminum trim. 1 required.
  • 111837475A: Inner Left Scraper. 1 required.
  • 111837476A: Inner Right Scraper. 1 required.
  • 111837433A: Felt Channel. Mounts onto vent wing division bar. 2 required.
  • 113837629: Vent Window Flap Seal. Seals vent wing to division bar. 2 required.
  • 111837625B: Left Vent Window Seal. 1 required.
  • 111837626B: Right Vent Window Seal. 1 required.
  • N136612: Vent Window Pivot Rivet. 2 required.

Vintage Volkswagen Window Scraper Replacement

These photos give you a general idea of how great the finished product can look if you take the time to do everything correctly. Again, take it one door and step at a time! 

I was going to explain the whole tear down and rebuild process. However, my good pal Chris Vallone created video tutorials that takes a very detailed look at the work involved. It’s done on an early year beetle, but most of the same rules apply in terms of breaking down and putting back together.

We Are Here to Help!

You can place a custom order with us to obtain you everything you need for this project.

We hope this helps!

Have you replaced the window scrapers in your vintage VW? Let us know in the comments!

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