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Pierburg Fuel Pump

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  • Each restored German Pierburg Fuel Pump is first disassembled and inspected for viability in our workshop. Once it passes this test, it is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. During restoration, each pump is fitted with custom-crafted superior quality diaphragms. Our pumps are a work of art and as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

    40HP fits 1960 - 1965 VWs.
    36HP fits 1954 - 1960 VWs.
    1300/1500 fits 1966 - 1979 VWs.

    We can also correctly restore any fuel pump.

    About fuel pressure
    Original factory manuals specify a fuel pressure of approximately 1.30 to 1.87 pounds per square inch (psi) for 25hp and 36hp pumps through 1958. After this time, pressure specifications were increased to a maximum of approximately 2.5psi. This pressure rating was retained through 36hp engine production and continued on 40hp and the later 1300/1500 engines.

    Although the preload on the diaphragms is designed to set the fuel pressure within the specified range, we recommend you check the pressure with a gauge after you install the pump in your engine.  If you find the pressure too great, you can reduce it by adding another gasket between the pump and base or between the pump base and case.

    Sold individually.

  • Original part numbers explained

    You may have noticed that we use Genuine VW part numbers above each product's title.

    To ensure accuracy for your Beetle or Bus order, please reference the first two digits of the part number.

    Type 1 VW Parts:
    11 - Standard VW Beetle
    13 - Super VW Beetle
    14 - VW Ghia
    15 - VW Beetle or Super Cabriolet/Convertible
    18 - VW Thing
    31 - Standard VW Beetle, Bus, Ghia

    Type 2 VW Parts:
    21 - VW Bus
    22 - VW Microbus
    23 - VW Kombi
    24 - VW Panel Van/Samba
    26 - VW Pickup
    27 - VW Ambulance

    211 721 163 A
    VW Bus Brake Return Spring
    (The first two digits "21" indicate it is for a VW Bus)

    Please email us with any questions. We are happy to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
perfect rebuilt fuel pump

craftsmanship is a work of art and nice detail touch.

Daron, Thank you so much for the business. All restored parts are a labor of love.
Fuel pump

Looks like brand new and works perfectly

Seth, Thank you so much for the business!
Rebuilt Pierburg Fuel Pump

I am very happy with the rebuilt Pierburg fuel pump I purchased from Lane Russell. I was going to rebuild one myself but I was wary of the quality of the rebuild kits and this was not something I wanted to "practice" on this particular car. I feel it was worth the money to have a properly rebuilt and tested unit ready to bolt on with no worries of leakage and/or fire! It helped enhance the period correct engine bay of my 1970 Beetle which previously was running a Brosol pump.

Mark, Thanks so much! I enjoyed answering your questions, as I know it can be confusing when dealing with restored parts. We put a lot of artistry into the pumps and hope it serves your needs for many years.

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