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Gas Tank

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  • The Gas Tank in your vintage VW is critical to ensuring you arrive to all destinations. 1968-1972 tank can be used from 1973-1979 with replacement of fuel sender to later style.

    Sold individually.
    VWs from 1955-1972.

    If you are international, please contact us first before placing your order.

  • Original part numbers explained

    You may have noticed that we use Genuine VW part numbers above each product's title.

    To ensure accuracy for your Beetle or Bus order, please reference the first two digits of the part number.

    Type 1 VW Parts:
    11 - Standard VW Beetle
    13 - Super VW Beetle
    14 - VW Ghia
    15 - VW Beetle or Super Cabriolet/Convertible
    18 - VW Thing
    31 - Standard VW Beetle, Bus, Ghia

    Type 2 VW Parts:
    21 - VW Bus
    22 - VW Microbus
    23 - VW Kombi
    24 - VW Panel Van/Samba
    26 - VW Pickup
    27 - VW Ambulance

    211 721 163 A
    VW Bus Brake Return Spring
    (The first two digits "21" indicate it is for a VW Bus)

    Please email us with any questions. We are happy to help!

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gas tank

While it is not installed yet, I think the composition fo the tank is wonderful Certainly better than original and I look forward to no more tank buildup with gunk

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