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Just what I needed to make this project

Exactly what we need to make our 67 beetle perfect. Description, communication, product, packaging, shipping, and service exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend.

Thanks Eric!
As usual...Great product.. Great service.... Great advice!!

Thank You!!

Chuck Roman

Fuel pump & 12 volt coil

Thanks again Eric , your attention to detail is impeccable .
Keep up the good work !!!

Very nice restoration

I’ve been wanting to replace my Brosol pump for years on my 67 that I’ve had for 35 years. Finally did it and I am glad. Very satisfied with the Pierburg. I am impressed with the restoration done on the pump and feel that it will outlast me! Eric was great to deal with and that is important for me. Bottom line is I highly recommend lane russell for any restoration service they provide.

Glove Box Organizer
Glove box organizer poplar wood

Great Product! Five star service ! High Quality handmade in USA. Fits 1965 vw bug perfect

Fuel pump

I've always been proud (bragged actually) that my car is original, which you do not see today. Even though everything on it has probably been replaced at least once, it looks like it did on the showroom floor. I was at a car show a couple of years ago and someone pointed out it had a Brazilian fuel pump. Ruined my day. When I saw Eric had these available, I had to have one. It is beautiful (and original). Eric was great with any questions I had too. Definitely recommend it!

Pierburg fuel pump

Looks great, functions great. Extremely responsive, helpful and encouraging. Just a great experience.

Pierburg Fuel Pump

Replaced my working Brazilian fuel pump with Lane Russell restored German Pierburg unit for aesthetics, wanting 'original', and the quality that goes with that. Crazy, but it was my wife Becky that suggested this, and found these on 1967 VW Beetle ( She recognized the 'cool factor' and I followed her lead. Delivery was timely, packaging excellent, and then the pump itself -- spectacular pride of workmanship immediately evident. And now we're proud of it. Eric's communication and customer service is 'old school' -- personal, accessible, and knowledgeable.

Buying from Lane Russell is an experience.

Pierburg Fuel Pump 1300/1600

The pump was very nicely refurbished. It looked like the actuator arm had even been replaced as I could see no wear from the previous install.
The pump output the perfect pressure to VW specs and was a very even pressure.
My previous after-market pump was outputting more than double the recommended pressure and the pressure was very 'pulsey'.
Even with 3 gaskets the pressure was still above 5psi.
I have no qualms recommending these pumps from Lane Russell.
The personal service from Eric was brilliant and the delivery to Western Australia was very quick even in COVID chaos times.

1300/1600 - German Pierburg Fuel Pump

Always Top Notch

Quality products, amazing service, and wonderful experience.

Perfect Perfect!

Love my German Fuel Pump. The attention to detail is second to none. Ordering from the website is easy, safely packaged, shipment arrived on time and follow-up made me know this comapny cares about their customer and product.

Glove Box Organizer
John Lautemann
Always the best

Eric has allowed me to make my car better than new. Most important is the fact that his parts are the same or better than new.

Glove Box Organizer
John Sheaffer
Thank you.

Thanks Eric and Amanda. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Vintage VW Decal Variety Pack
Norman Barber
beautiful decals and fast delivery.

I was pleased with the quality of the decals and the quick delivery. Thank you

Excellent customer service.

Fuel pump was shipped instantly and I was sent tracking information. USPS dropped the ball, shocker, but Eric was a bull dog dealing with them. He contacted me daily. I never had to look for him. Eric was more upset with situation than I was. Fuel pump arrived, well packed and in perfect condition. Couldn't be happier with it and I love his 67only web site.

Yellow Bosch Coil Decal
Benjamin Valerio

Eric is awsome! Very kind, very honest, very knowledgeable and most importantly very helpful.

12 volt coil

Eric, I love the attention to detail on all your coils , fuel pumps, carburetors, & oil bath air cleaners.
Customer service is great , shipping is fast & prompt
Thanks for all you do !!! Eric Shahnazarian

Lane Russell

I want to thank L.R. for their excellent customer service! Very fast shipping!!! I will be buying from them again in the not too distant future. thanks again...Z

Another work of art.

In addition to my later 40 HP Beetle, Lane Russell has earned by business once again with a period correct 36 HP pump. We haven't installed yet, but out of the box the appearance, and quality is flawless.


My recent inquiry into a pump turned into a purchase because of how well Eric helped me. His response time to everything asked of me was great. Even on the day the part was delivered, he answered a question I had before I could open the door to the garage! Thank you Eric for your quality support and product.

A work of art.

Perfect perfect, and beautiful. It bolted right on to my 40hp motor with no tuning; works flawless and looks NOS. Lane Russell is elevating what a product means to be restored.

Earl's 67

I appreciate the fast delivery of my new fuel pump. It hasn't been installed on the engine yet, as I have been focusing on putting the body back together. The fenders are going on this week. Still waiting on the deck lid and doors to come from the paint shop.

Restored Bosch 12v Coil and Bracket

Once again, You two provide an outstanding product and superb service.
Did I mention that the quality of your product exceeded my expectation. I
want to thank you for your help with my restoration project.

German VW Gas Cap
John Lautemann
Great product - and a lesson

The cap is not only original but beautifully restored - looks like new old stock. What I discovered, though is that during a prior restoration the gas tank was replaced and take a cap slightly smaller. My cap is in good shape but didn’t have the VW logo - now I know why.

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